Building Permits

Permitting Requirements for the construction of new site built dwellings and additions.

The following is a list of documents that will be need to be submitted in order to permit a new dwelling or addition in Emanuel County.  Please note that it may take up to 5 business days to review and approve the submittals for permitting.  Exclusion of any of the items below will delay the issuance of the permit.

1.  Scaled 11x17 working plans - Plans should include the following:

  • Project owner contact information
  • Working plan (must show all relevant dimensions, window and door sizes, and room areas)
  • Footing and foundation plan
  • Elevations
  • Electrical plan (must include smoke alarm placement and GFI locations)

Note:  These plans are not to be prepared or sealed by a design professional unless the elements of construction are not justified in the State Minimum Building Code.

2.  Verification of payment of current year’s taxes.

3.  Copy of recorded plat for property.

4.  Septic tank permit or waiver letter from the Health Dept. (Becky Clifton, 478-237-7501)

5.  Copy of State issued license for contractors including residential contractor, electrical contractor, mechanical contractor, plumbing contractor, and low voltage contractor.

6.  Signed affidavits from each individual contractor that is to be listed on the project.

Please note that the state allows the homeowner to act as an unlicensed contractor for a residence.   Any of the trades listed above that are not performed by the homeowner, must be performed by a licensed contractor in that specific trade.  In other words a homeowner cannot hire or trade with another party to perform work as a contractor if they are not licensed with the state as a contractor in their respective field.

These following reports must submitted and approved before the Certificate of Occupancy can be issued for the home or addition

7.  Copy of the Georgia Energy Compliance certificate.

8. Please call to make an appointment with the Building Inspections Department @ (478) 237-6514.